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Offering a full range of Services and Products from Cubicles to Solid Panelling along with complimentary and bespoke finishes. Shire can plan and build exactly to your requirements.


Being an independent company, we can offer solutions, and purchase products from all providers throughout the market sector of washroom installations, including;

Cubicles & Duct panelling:

  • Venesta Washrooms
  • Bushboard Washrooms
  • Amwell Systems
  • TBS Fabrications
  • Shore Laminates
  • Petal Interiors


  • Armitage Shanks
  • Ideal Standard
  • Tywfords
  • Dart Valley Systems
  • Douglas Delabie
  • Grohe
  • Geberit
  • Sissons
  • Pland Stainless Steel
Cubicle pilaster and panel

Cubicle systems

Cubicles can be installed to suit any need and budget. These can be selected from many of the major UK manufacturers and can be specified from;

  • 18mm MFC (melamine faced chipboard) – budget range of cubicles
  • 18mm HPL (high pressure laminate) – mid range of cubicles
  • 13mm SGL (solid grade laminate) – mid range / harder wearing range of cubicles
  • 20 / 40mm Veneer faced flush fronted – higher end range of cubicles
  • Laminate / Metal Pilasters
  • Full height fully enclosed cubicles for maximum privacy

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Specialist hospital sanitaryware

Sanitaryware & Plumbing

Shire have experienced plumbers on the books, and can tailor make any sanitaryware installation. Such examples of products that can be installed are;

  • Regular chinaware from Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks and Twyford
  • Specialist sensor operated controls from Dart Valley, Franke Sissons and Geberit
  • Brassware from Douglas Delabie, Grohe and Ideal Standard
  • Water saving and thermostatically controlled shower panels from Horne Engineering
  • Final fix plumbing, including testing and commissioning
  • Specialist HTM64 hospital sanitaryware and brassware from Armitage Shanks, Twyford and Horne Engineering

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Specialistvanity unit with high end fixings

Vanity units & Solid surfacing

Shire can arrange to manufacture and install specialist vanity units that can be finished in either laminate or a range of solid surfaces;

  • Fully inset or semi recessed laminate vanity units
  • Post formed solid grade laminate tops
  • Pre-plumbed vanity units with a wide choice of sanitaryware
  • Corian or Hi-mac solid surfaces
  • Granite or Limestone solid surfaces

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A wall mounted Dyson Airblade hand drier

Washroom accessories

To complement any washroom, its important to get the right accessories. Shire have accounts with many of the major suppliers of accessories, and can provide;

  • Soap dispensers, wall and vanity mounted
  • Hand driers
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Mirrors

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Up close detail of panel fixings

Washroom IPS & Duct panelling

Shire can undertake the manufacture and installation of systems to suit any washroom requirement. These consist of;

  • Pre-plumbed IPS panel systems, with associated ready fixed sanitaryware – supplied by either Venesta Washrooms or Bushboard Washrooms, including WC's, urinals, washbasins and pre-plumbed vanity units. All of these systems can be adapted to suit any specification of sanitaryware, and are fully compliant with HTM 68
  • Duct panelling made of either 18mm HPL (high pressure laminate) or 13mm SGL (solid grade laminate) fitted onto either a timber frame, or a pre-hung system on an aluminium sub-frame
  • Wide flashgap systems, consisting of large flat 13mm SGL flashgaps with a single duct panel set (for WC or washbasin), providing a seam-free, hygienic wall duct panelling system. This is ideal for hospitals where infection control is a paramount concern

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Whiterock and wetwall cladding

Whiterock & Wetwall cladding

Shire have trained operatives that have been licensed by Altro, to undertake the installation of hygienic wall finishes. Along with the use of a thermo-former, Shire can provide seamless installations of Whiterock in shower enclosures and general wet areas;

  • Altro Whiterock cladding; both two-part trim and fully welded seams
  • Thermo formed internal and external corners
  • Wetwall Cladding as manufactured by Shore Laminates

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